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The Purposeful Mind

Make Your Dream Business A Reality

The Purposeful Mind
Mastermind & Coaching Program

The Purposeful Mind (TPM) Mastermind & Coaching Program is a powerful program for entrepreneurs and leaders who want the next level of deeper, higher, and greater in their relationship with God and their kingdom business, ministry, or career. \TPM will transform your life.


This is your chance to discover a higher version of yourself that will never emerge if you don't walk this out by faith. It will require courage. Because of the fear it incites, change is painful. But stagnant water is toxic. Water needs to flow. Christ decreed that "whoever believes in Me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within." [John 7:38 NIV]


It's time to walk out HIS perfect plan. It will require surrendered trust in Him.


Developing an intentional, determined, resolved, steadfast, committed, persistent, unwavering, unshakeable, preserving, fierce, courageous mind.

The Purposeful Mind Mastermind & Coaching Program

Subscription-based Membership Program includes:

•Weekly 1-hour Mastermind

•Two monthly maximum impact 20-minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions

•Monthly online training that you complete at your own pace

•Mastermind Community of like-minded, gifted people with divine purpose, like you

•Welcome gift package

•Minimum 6-month commitment, then month-to-month

•Adhoc unlimited emails. You can email any pressing question at any time.



The reason I had you write out simple steps you can take everyday, is because once you do them over and over again, they will become a part of your life. And once that happens, you will have reached where you want to be NOW.


Once you're there, I want you to repeat these five steps over again. Get to where you want to be next. And after that. And then after that. All while envision that amazing dream life. Because if you keep getting to where you want to be slowly, you'll be working towards where you ultimately want to be. And enjoying the ride. What's better than that?

Stewarding your gifts

Now that you know what your dream life looks like now and in the future, it's time to figure out how to get to where you want to be NOW. Does this mean your working out everyday? Eating healthy meals? Reading a book before bed? How can you become the best version of yourself? It's easiest if you break it down into steps - see my example below.


The best version of myself looks like this:

•Eating healthy but splurging when I want to.

•Working out every morning

•Being my own boss every day

•Cooking dinner at home

•Reading before bed

Building Courage

The reason I told you to figure out what your dream life is on the previous page, is because now you are going to envision yourself living that life. Don't just do it once - think about it as much as you can. Put yourself in that life and really feel it - what are you wearing that day? did you work? what food are you eating? Thinking about those details will help make that life feel real. 


And that's exactly what you want to do in this step - make your dream life feel real.

Fulfilling the heart desires

Tell me - what does your dream like look like? Are you sitting in a corner office at a job you've wanted for years? Are you lounging by the pool living in a stunning tropical location? Are you a stay-at-home-mom raising your babies? Whatever it is - however attainable or farfetched, think about it right now. Think about where you'd be if someone asked you what your perfect day looked like.


Think about it and then keep that vision in your head as you go through this presentation. You'll need it! 

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Developing an intentional, determined, resolved, steadfast, committed, persistent, unwavering, unshakeable, persevering, fierce, courageous mind.

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