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Nilvia has been professionally teaching or coaching in one capacity or another for over 20 years. Like many of you, she has a compelling story. One of overcoming great challenges, losses, disappointments, failures, along with wins and mountain top triumphs. She understands that life's journey can be tough, but it can also be fulfilling when we are aligned in our purpose.


Her quest to become all she was created to be, along with her passion to help others realize their own value, are her inspiration. She’s consistently fueled by her passion to be a better version of herself than the day before. Her love for people and the desire to see others walk out their greater is her big ‘why’! Seeing others succeed is the reason for everything she does. It makes her hard work and daily grind worth every moment.  


In her search to identify personal and professional growth opportunities, she has run across many expensive lackluster training for professional trainers and coaches -- even fewer based on the Word of GOD! 

ARIZE Consulting was birthed out of the need to provide high quality, high value, high impact coaching. Nilvia’s love for GOD, people and her need for GREATER, inspired this unique blend of science, time-tested tools and the incorporation of the Word of GOD. It’s based on practices that have brought hundreds of students, coaches and everyone in between to sustainable results.

Utilizing scientifically proven coaching techniques, incorporating neuroscience, all while staying true to the Word of GOD: THIS is what makes ARIZE Consulting unique. Coaching is not about telling. Someone else’s vision for you cannot and will not bring about sustainable change. It must be your vision. It’s about provoking deep introspection on what you truly desire. It’s about how hard you are willing to work to get there. But even before this, you must understand your gifts, values, personality, motivational skills and even your burnout skills. 

You were uniquely created. You are a one of a kind miracle the world may never experience again. Did you think a cookie-cutter approach could fit a unique creation? A complex creation must be met with an approach that meets the needs of their complexity.

Nilvia lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, Johnny, of over 30 years and three children John Emilio, Armando, and Gabrielle. Nilvia, a licensed Minister, has a Master of Science Degree in Leadership & Management and holds the following certifications: Certified Professional Christian Coach, Certified Agility Transformation Coach, Certified YouMap® Coach, and John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Facilitator and Coach. She is one of only 500 worldwide founding members of The John Maxwell Team.


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